Our Expertise at the Service of Your Activities

ISEMAR acts as an expert on matters related to maritime, port, and naval development. This expertise is a natural extension of its consulting services. The consultancy business takes the form of research study contracts with private and public stakeholders involved in port and maritime issues.

We are permanent observers of the changes in all topics related to maritime industries worldwide.

Our consulting missions handle all sectors in maritime economics, drawing on the sum of our regularly updated and completed studies and analyses.

ISEMAR keeps a close watch on maritime operator strategies. We regularly take part in port development projects.

For the last 20 years, the diversity of our partnerships attests a world-renowned expertise in these fields. We have worked for port authorities, public authorities, local organizations and professional unions. We enjoy the trust of several private cargo handling, railway and naval construction firms.

Like these stakeholders, you too can rely on ISEMAR’s work to support your development in the maritime industry.

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Taking Part in Every Debate

Nowadays, ISEMAR is recognized as an information hub on maritime industry studies. As a result, our team is invited to take part in many events, both national and European.

Taking part in debating ideas on the changing maritime and port economics are one of the Institute’s strong suits. ISEMAR’s active watch of international maritime news provides a sound basis to deliver relevant analyses and contribute to the debates. Usually during conferences, but also within expert commission and scientific advisory works.

We also work with smaller think-tank groups involved in logistics.

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Training Courses

The Keys to Understanding Maritime Markets

Training courses have been a part of ISEMAR’s primary mission from the very start. This activity contributes to disseminating, among stakeholders in the maritime world, the Institute’s analyses and expertise. It takes on the form of custom-made training courses meeting the various needs of firms, public authorities, schools, and universities.

Our courses are designed to provide the elements needed to understand maritime market mechanisms. ISEMAR adapts the latter’s contents and wording to its audiences and to the learning objectives.

At the heart of these operations, is revealed the dynamic within the major business sectors: oil, bulk, container, general, and ferry. These training courses, intended for clients from private and public sectors, set out to examine maritime transport by way of its contextual elements (public policies, regulations, geopolitical).

The training is available in course modules of 6, 8 and 12 hours, and whose goal is to provide concise, in-depth information on the markets.

The course topics covered are:

  • Geoeconomics of maritime trade
  • Planning and regulating maritime transport
  • Maritime and industrial markets
  • Maritime operator strategies
  • Port development
  • Industries and logistics
  • Public policies: national and European
  • Security and safety

The Institute only offers the training to schools, public authorities or firms. For training programs, in France, you should contact the IPER (Le Havre) or IUP Finance, banque, assurance et logistique maritime at the Université de Nantes.


To Disseminate Maritime Information

Since its inception, ISEMAR has been intent on creating a diversified publication policy. We write articles for the professional maritime media and pieces for academic publications. Our institute has published two works of reference on maritime transport and contributed to several collective publications.

ISEMAR has built sound partnerships with maritime world publications around reference documents (Base Ports du Monde [Global Base Ports] by the Journal de la Marine Marchande, Atlas des Enjeux Maritimes [Atlas of Maritime Challenges] by Marin).

We also respond to a wide variety of media who call upon our expertise (professional press, national and local press, radio, television, website). Among these contributions, note our participation in France Culture’s TV show Culture Monde and in the Théma d’Arte documentary Qui contrôle la mer.

ISEMAR also regularly responds to cultural requests through mainstream exhibitions related to maritime fields: “Planète Conteneurs” and “Panama, un canal au cœur des Amériques” at The Corderie in Rochefort, “Seamen’s Club” at St Nazaire’s Life, “The Box, la mondialisation à un corps d’acier” at the Museum-Port in Douarnenez. In 2017, ISEMAR will be the scientific partner of the Milmarin Merchant Navy Interpretation Center in Paimpol on the Goëlo coast.